Letter to the Editor: A clear violation of international law

3 March 2023 | Danny Sriskandarajah

When I spent time in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, I witnessed first hand one of the clearest violations of international law anywhere in the world. It’s one that governments, including the UK government, seem to want to do little about…

My visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territory

2 March 2023 | Danny Sriskandarajah

It was a privilege to spend last week with brave and dedicated colleagues and partners in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. I was both hugely inspired and deeply troubled by the visit.

Vanity, vanity..making sure all’s not vanity

2 February 2023 | Danny Sriskandarajah

It was humbling to be listed in the Vanity Fair’s Global Goal’s List, compiled in association with One Young World, to spotlight 17 global leaders and their work towards the Sustainable Development Goals. But it was also unsettling.

5 Stiglitz takeaways

24 January 2023 | Danny Sriskandarajah

After a week of talking and writing about our Survival of the Richest report, I spent the weekend listening to Joseph Stiglitz’s brilliant interview with my colleagues Nadia and Nabil on their Equals podcast. For me, here are five points that Professor Stiglitz made that I found really compelling.

Opinion: Why we need wealth taxes

16 January 2023 | Danny Sriskandarajah

This week, global elites will jet into Davos. The World Economic Forum slogan is to “improve the state of the world” but there’s an elephant in the room – one they choose to ignore every year.

Top challenges for 2023

15 January 2023 | Danny Sriskandarajah

It’s already been a busy start to the New Year. But an event I took part in last week – a panel debate at Oxford University on whether the global economy can be saved from itself – caused me to pause and take stock for a moment. 

Opinion: The financial architecture for global aid needs an urgent overhaul

4 January 2023 | Danny Sriskandarajah

It is a tragedy that one in 23 people around the world will be in need of humanitarian assistance in 2023. More frequent disasters, increased displacement and the lingering threat of disease, coupled with skyrocketing food, fuel and fertiliser prices, are driving the worst humanitarian crises seen in decades.

Opinion: It’s not too late for Sweden and UK to reclaim aid reputation

8 December 2022 | Danny Sriskandarajah

Writing for Devex, the Secretary General of Oxfam Sweden and I argue that our governments are dismantling their reputations as development superpowers by cutting aid, shifting priorities and questioning the value of development cooperation. But it’s not too late to change course…