BBC Question Time

13 January 2022 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: , ,

It was a pleasure to join the panel in Shrewsbury for BBC Question Time. One of the audience questions was whether people should be penalised for choosing not to get vaccinated against Covid19. I made the point that this is a first world problem – for millions of people in low income countries, jabs simply … Continue reading “BBC Question Time”


16 December 2021 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: , , ,

While the Glasgow Climate Pact does not go far enough to address the climate crisis already devastating the lives and livelihoods of the world’s poorest communities, I was given hope by the passion and determination of people and organisations from across the globe campaigning tirelessly for climate justice. I wrote this article reflecting on three … Continue reading “OPINION: WHERE NEXT AFTER COP26?”


7 December 2021 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: , , ,

A year since a UK grandmother received the first Covid-19 vaccine, it was timely to chair this discussion about the barriers that are preventing many refugees and displaced people from enjoying the same protection against Covid-19. I was joined by refugee leaders from Lebanon and Australia, UNHCR’s Chief of Public Health, and a colleague from … Continue reading “DEBATE: A PEOPLE’S VACCINE FOR REFUGEES”


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The Climate Coalition invited me to chair a discussion reflecting on the outcomes of COP26, with experts involved in the negotiations for countries particularly affected by climate change. It was a great reminder of what’s at stake ahead of COP27, and how those of us in the UK can support the priorities of communities on … Continue reading “FROM COP26 TO COP27”


6 December 2021 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: , , , ,

This week a year ago, I felt excitement and hope as the first Covid-19 vaccine was administered. Yet that euphoria has faded to bitter disappointment after a year in which self-interest by the rich world has repeatedly trumped global justice, whether on the uneven distribution of Covid19 vaccines, our response to refugee flows, or insufficient … Continue reading “OPINION: THE WORLD MUST NOT RETREAT INTO SELF-DEFEATING VACCINE NATIONALISM”


16 November 2021 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: , ,

I was invited to join a panel discussion at the Greentech Conference, held during the fortnight of COP26, discussing the challenges and opportunities around sustainability. There’s huge potential for technology to drive improvements in how we live, and to help build a fairer and more sustainable global economy. But there’s a also a real risk … Continue reading “DEBATE: SUSTAINABILITY AT GREENTECH CONFERENCE”

Interview: what is climate justice?

10 November 2021 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: ,

I spoke to Quartz about the three pillars of climate justice and why it’s so central to successful climate action. First, for high polluting countries who have done most to cause this crisis to make their fair share of emissions cuts. Secondly, to support communities on the frontline to cope and adapt to the changing … Continue reading “Interview: what is climate justice?”

Guardian: open letter calling for climate justice at COP26

4 November 2021 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: ,

If we fail to prevent runaway climate change, the increasing number and severity of cyclones, droughts, floods and heatwaves could overwhelm the global humanitarian system’s ability to protect people hit by disaster. Fellow leaders of Disaster Emergency Committee charities and I wrote an open letter urging governments meeting at Cop26 to reduce global emissions, meet … Continue reading “Guardian: open letter calling for climate justice at COP26”

ITV: we need action not hot air at cop26

1 November 2021 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: ,

I was in Glasgow for COP26 with Oxfam colleagues pushing for action to protect the world’s poorest communities already hit by the devastating impacts of climate change. At our opening stunt, featuring world leaders dressed as a Scottish pipe band, I spoke to ITV News about how at this critical moment the last thing we … Continue reading “ITV: we need action not hot air at cop26”


28 October 2021 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: , , ,

It was a pleasure to be invited to join Cafe Direct CEO John Steel for his new podcast series: Building Better Business. We talked about Oxfam’s role in founding Cafe Direct and our early involvement in the Fair Trade movement, as well as the power of social enterprises and responsible business to lift people out … Continue reading “PODCAST: CAFÉ DIRECT – BUILDING BETTER BUSINESS”