Opinion: Repercussions of the conflict in Ukraine and how we can build a fairer world

30 March 2022 | Danny Sriskandarajah | Tags: ,,,

I wrote an article for social impact thinktank NPC about the repercussions of the conflict in Ukraine, including how soaring costs of essentials are being felt by families in countries from the UK to Yemen and Somalia. I suggest how we can ensure we can meet our responsibilities to all those in need of protection, for example by providing safe routes to sanctuary for all refugees, and boosting people’s ability to cope with crises through living wages and adequate social safety nets. For me, this is a time to restate the case for policies underpinned by fairness and solidarity, and for leaders to get creative about how seized assets from mansions to super-yachts could save lives, tackle inequalities and be invested in a low-carbon future.

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